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How to Throw a Halloween Party for Dogs?

Image result for dog halloweenHalloween is usually regarded as a children’s holiday, due to the classic activity of trick or treating. This year, don’t let them have all the fun! Get your dog’s closest pals around and throw a one-of-a-kind doggie Halloween party. Follow our tips to ensure it’s not only fun but safe for every pup invited.

Cute Costumes

One of the best parts about Halloween is the fun costumes that can completely transform your dog’s look. When sending out invitations, make sure to note that dressing up is encouraged. Include this in the festivities by throwing a costume contest or parade of costumes to show off all your dog’s cuteness. Be wary of what’s on the costumes. Make sure you go with something that is not a choking hazard and remember that you want your pup to be comfortable.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

What would a party be without tasty treats to snack on during the event? Whether buying the snacks or making them, you should check with your friends to see if their dog has any dietary restrictions. Afterward, the kitchen is all yours. Try your hand at making one of these dog-safe treats that are perfect for Halloween. Just remember that some dogs don’t share food well. Give each pup space to enjoy their snacks to avoid any confrontations.


Dogs need a healthy amount of exercise every single day, so why not incorporate it into the party you’re throwing! Plan time to get your pups moving around and playing with one another. A classic Halloween party game, bobbing for apples, can turn into bobbing for bones. A scavenger hunt for pumpkin flavored treats is also a great way to get your dogs up and moving. Just remember again that when food is involved, each dog should be kept separate.

Safety First

Getting dogs together for a party can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! We suggest following these tips to make sure you have a safe, not spooky, paw-ty:

  • Keep the party isolated to one zone. Whether the living room or backyard, this will keep dogs from exploring the house when they shouldn’t be. It also ensures that everyone will be able to watch their own dog, even while socializing.

  • If there are new dogs coming to the party, make sure they are slowly introduced to the pack that is already comfortable with each other. Make sure there isn’t a lot going on in the space, and let each pup meet.

  • Decorate with caution. Make sure you aren’t using any decorations that could be harmful to dogs. This includes things like balloons because if they pop, they pose as a choking hazard.

This Halloween, don’t stick to the ordinary. This is the perfect time to get friends and their furry sidekicks together and throw a fun holiday party. If you have any questions about hosting a safe Halloween party, please reach out to our office today!


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